Here are some articles I have written. There is no particular overall theme, but many of them do happen to be on technical topics.

Shop Theft: The “innocent” crime of shoplifting

Inspired from concepts inside environmental criminology, this essay is concerned about how these methods can be related to the crime of shoplifting. With the use of routine activity theory, rational choice, along with situational precipitators theory and crime pattern theory, I will examine the correlation between shoplifting and the environment inside a shop. My main hypothesis is that people visit a shop without the intention to steal anything but the environmental factors inside a shop encourage this sort of behavior, hence a shop acts as a crime generator in this case. This will be shown using the evidence collected and test the reality of the hypothesis. Crime patterns also indicated that the time period and the location of the shop are also considered as a major factor to affect the crime rate. The results returned from the research some techniques will be provided to prevent and minimize the crime rate within shops.